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(no subject)

^ That is my tumblr
it is SLIGHTLY more likely to be updated than this blog

Please do follow it! :)

Took me long enough, but...
FINALLY got to starting to read these subs for Like a Breath of Flame. Whee...

(no subject)
So, can I say that I love the responses I get sometimes when I say I work for Circlet? They're often so unexpected. The other day I'm at a college reunion, and I meet an old friend from there, and halfway through I am both drunk enough and feel like I know her well enough to admit that yes, that small press I work for is science fiction and fantasy erotica...

And she goes "Woah! That's SO AWESOME!" then lowers her voice, because ha ha, the president of our college is here.

"What's the website? I'd love to read some... you said they have werewolves?"

You never know who's into what. It makes me happy! I do hope she enjoys what she finds.